The Eye of Eolas

The Eye of Eolas are the guardians of knowledge in Athiston. Sworn to be impartial watchers and keepers of history, they have been left alone by every king since the unification. Often times the king's scribe would be a member of the Eye, but up until the assassination of King Deldon, no member of the order has been harmed.

In recent history, the Eye have served as judges in the frontier townships of Athiston. Having no ties to the monarchy with exception of maintaining good order, they have executed their duties impartially.

Little is known about the order since they keep mostly to themselves, but they are known to house their knowledge in a place known only as The Repository

They dress mainly in gray, the color of neutrality, and bear a symbol of an eye. This is the symbol of the god Taf, the god of knowledge. Most members go unarmed and carry little in the way of possessions, since it is mandated that citizens must help a member of the Eye by royal decree.

Members of the Eye can be found in nearly every village of Athiston, since they work with the local governments to keep a record of events.


The Eye of Eolas

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