The Vaktare


The Vaktare are the sworn guardians of the King of Athiston. An organization grown from the oldest friendship of the first King of Athiston, they are the chosen offspring and recruits from throughout the land. Often referred to as The Protectors of the Ember throne, they have a sacred oath to the true king of Athiston.

Their leader, known as the Imperator, serves as an advisor to the king and general of the armies. The current Imperator was killed during the Xogrean invasion. Several of the Praetors are scattered throughout the kingdom. They oversee the divisions of the armies.

The Vaktare wear crimson colored armor, in accordance with the house of Sunglade, the current monarchy. Historical evidence has shown that the Vaktare have worn other colors, usually in accordance with the current monarchy. Culturally, it is believed that whoever has the support of the Vaktare is the one in charge, since they act as the king's guard.

The center of Vaktare power lies in the capital of Solenvale. But members of the Vaktare can be found throughout the kingdom.


The Vaktare

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