Note (Religion in Athiston)

Role of deities in Athiston:

Questions to ponder:

1.) Do my gods interfere directly in the affairs of mortals?

  • Yes, to an extent. The Gods of Athiston are indeed involved in the affairs of mortals, but only under the most dire of circumstances. They usually leave the mundane or more daily aspects of life to their avatars, priests, and followers.

2.) Are my gods individuals, or are they merely a representation of certain spheres of power?

  • The gods of Athiston are indeed individuals, dwelling in another dimension with many connections to the Material Plane. They embody their spheres of power, but are, in fact, divine beings.

3.) Do they speak to their followers, or remain largely aloof from the affairs of non-divine beings?

  • The gods of Athiston do speak to their most trusted followers, but remain largely aloof from the day to day lives of mortals.


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Note (Religion in Athiston)

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