Before beginning, a general note on the structure of Religion in Athiston is available.

Below are the deities of Athiston, broken into their three categories (Good, Neutral, and Evil):

Good Deities

  • Tika – Honor, Light, Righteousness, Valor
  • Dashuri – Charm, Liberation, Luck
  • Aureola – Death, Good, Repose

Neutral Deities

  • Narava – Nature, Healing, Plants, Travel, Weather
  • Huru-Hara – Air, Chaos, Earth, Fire, Nature, Water
  • Razudek – Darkness, Death, Judgement, Ruins, Void
  • Eolas – Artifice, Knowledge, Magic,
  • Salvaxe – Animal, Plant, Vermin

Evil Deities

  • Valka – Destruction, Evil, Strength, War 
  • Tinihanga – Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery
  • Traks – Chaos, Death, Evil, Madness,

The gods do, on very rare occasion, form the Council of Eleven, a meeting where they come together to decide on intervention for major cataclysms and other important Material Plane events.



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